Why do companies use cloud servers to store internal data and run programs?

cloud-computing-626252_640Cloud servers are becoming increasingly popular with companies that are looking to outsource the functioning of certain programs and data. As cloud servers are becoming increasingly more expensive, many are asking why do companies use cloud servers to store internal data and run programs instead of processing and storing the data and programs internally? This article will address the growing popularity of cloud servers and their many benefits.

A cloud server is an external server that is not located on the company’s premises that is connected to via an internet connection. Cloud servers are commonly run by third party providers that only perform cloud storage and hosting services and therefore they are located in secure locations that are devoted to data security both virtually and physically. Cloud datacenter, through the sheer volume of data that they are storing on their premises, are able to provide for a greater level of security than most companies are able to financially devote. As a result, many companies decide to use cloud servers for the additional security that they are able to provide.

Other companies decide that their physical on premise servers do not have the power to run certain data intensive programs and exporting them to an external server that is located in the cloud allows their business to focus on more critical programs that are able to operate in a more efficient manner. Further, local servers were confined by their physical size and many companies would simply stop accumulating certain forms of data rather than upgrade to a larger server. By using cloud servers a company is able to store more data than they might otherwise and this additional data being included may allow a company to sell this data to third parties willing to pay for it, to process to make financial decisions, or simply to analyze for business opportunities. The same size restrictions don’t apply though the cost of a cloud server will typically climb with increased data sizes.

Cloud servers also backup their systems on a regular basis and these business-17686_640backups will often provide companies with the ability to restore lost data. While many local servers also backup data on a physical hard drive, they aren’t backed up as regularly and physical hard drives are more easy to have corrupted over a period of time. As data is increasingly stored electronically, the ability to recreate data is an essential part of doing business today and the usage of a cloud server can help with this.

Why do companies use cloud servers to store internal data and run programs? Simply because it increases the security of their systems and reduces the stresses that certain programs have on their network. Further, it increases the ability to restore certain critical data systems to allow for them to operate smoother and more safely without the risk of data loss. Cloud servers are not going away and are growing for good reason.